The Lunar New Year Celebration 2024 with Dragon Bottles

Lunar New Year Celebration 2024 with Dragon Bottles


Cheers! We are celebrating the year of the dragon and saying goodbye to the year of the tiger.

Thus, to mark the perfect beginning of the Lunar New Year celebrations, which usher in the year of the wood dragon, which is the luckiest and most auspicious of the 12 Chinese Zodiac symbols, an estimated 2 billion people across the globe, many of them in East and Southeast Asia, celebrate the Lunar New Year, and celebrants return to their homes for the festivities. Every place has its own way of celebrating the Lunar New Year.


Occurring once in a 60-year cycle, the wood dragon is a symbol of energy, vision, and vigor.

Thus, to uplift the celebrations and excitement in our ways, we bring you the dragon bottles. Curated perfectly for the occasion, we bring you the 40-oz tumbler and 25-oz classic water bottles, designed to elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations in 2024.


Lunar New Year Traditions


Like most of the festivals in China, the Lunar New Year Celebration is also steeped in myths and stories and is now widely observed across multiple days in China, North and South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Vietnam.

Native customs and traditions vary widely, but they share the same theme across the globe: welcoming prosperity and luck with New Year celebrations in 2024.

In Korea, Seollal (New Year) is a three-day public holiday that they spend with their loved ones and family, following the culture and traditions.

Similarly, in Vietnam, the gifted money (tien mung tuoi) is also placed inside red envelopes to wish people success, longevity, and growth.

In some parts of Japan, like Okinawa, residents refer to the holiday as Soguwachi, and families pray and offer seasonal food to Buddha.

The main Lunar New Year activities, though, include putting up decorations, eating reunion dinner with family on the New Year Celebration, watching lions and dragon dance, offering sacrifices to ancestors, giving red envelopes, a dragon strap, and other gifts perfectly curated with the red-themed dragon, which is what we have come with for this New Year Celebration 2024.




Dragon Bottles Unveiled and its unique features

To make it up with perfect curation and perfect gifting for the Lunar New Year, we have collaborated with designers and artisans and chosen red, which is perfect for the theme. Red symbolizes good luck and happiness, and plum blossoms represent courage and hope. The dragon-themed artwork also contains the open mouth of one dragon, which wards off evil spirits, while the closed mouth of the other keeps good spirits intact. The representation of dragon on our limited-edition tumbler and dragon bottle holder, or in the whole range of sustainable drinkware, was "renewing
 the dragon in a way to repurpose it and make it interesting and fun again was very important." The limited-edition bottles include this beautiful artwork, which forges a link between the past and the present.


Global Impact of Dragon Bottles

Asia’s secondary market is often impacted by the Chinese zodiac. Ahead of the Lunar New Year, dragon bottles have been a craze for every person to have as a gifting option. Gifting brands and every other brand have begun debuting pieces to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Dragon-themed merchandise has been a part of ready-to-wear, accessory, or even daily-to-go items like sustainable drink wares, and dragon bottles have been the craze of the season, making it a boom in the market for such designs and gifts with their limited-edition options all over the world.


Future of Dragon Bottles

With the world connecting more through online stores and traditions, the future will be the world celebrating it all together. Thus, companies and merchandise must be curated accordingly with the appropriate festival line and what demand the customers could mark for. Hence, the future of dragon bottles will grow hugely. There will be trends that the youngsters will want to follow up on, and it will be the duty of such companies to work accordingly, following the market trends. There will be a rise in collaborations and expansions in particular merchandise for the season, and that will be the only way we, as competitors and sellers, can make the youth walk along with us in changing times and dimensions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are Dragon Bottles limited edition?
Yes, exclusively designed to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Crafted from high-quality materials, our classic water bottle is the ideal companion for staying hydrated on the go. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, our Classic Water Bottle boasts a sleek, classic, and timeless design that effortlessly fits into most cup holders and backpack pockets. Embrace the blessings of the season and elevate your Lunar New Year festivities with our limited-edition dragon bottles.


    • How can one join the collectors' community?
    Get your limited-edition dragon bottle from our website and give it to your loved ones as the perfect gift for the perfect New Year celebration in 2024. Let yourself and your loved ones be part of the dragon bottle collectors’ community.


      • What makes Dragon Bottles eco-friendly?
      The fact that they are BPA-free, i.e., do not contain any traces of bisphenol-A, which can leach into beverages, and the use of food-grade material in their making is what makes the dragon bottles eco-friendly.



        Perfectly timed with Lunar New Year, Elemental releases its Commuter 40oz Tumbler, Prosperity Dragon, and Classic 25oz Water Bottle, Prosperity Dragon, which features a dreamy dragon motif on its face. The minimalist style and clean lines give the timepiece a modern silhouette, while the red-hued dragon design shows a vibrant yet bold edge—a perfect way to celebrate your inner beast.


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