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Elemental Bottles
Marey Shields
My kids love it!

Will buy more for my other two kids! Just tried one and it exceeded my expectations! My kids can't get enough of playing with the fidget strap!

Elemental Bottles
Jen Mackey

The coolest bottle I've ever bought! No joke! My drinks did stay cold for 12 hours!

Elemental Bottles
Serena Lockhart
I brought it to travel!

It's our first time travelling and bought these essentials. They are the most useful thing we brought all throughout!

Elemental Bottles
Harry Brookes
Love the color!

I love how slim the design is! easier to grab and the handle adds up the hype! Will definitely re-order and watch out for more.

Elemental Bottles
Steve Jensen

The bottle is a perfect size with a nice strap. The lining inside the bottle works great. It kept my coffee hot all day. The idea of adding the strainer inside was unexpected and such a great idea. This is better than any of my other water bottle products.

Coolest bottle I've ever had

I always have been a huge environmentalist. So I always bring my tumblers with me. Most of the bottles I used in the past are not durable enough to last. Always ends up dropping, slipping, missing etc. With this iconic bottle which has its own handles. I am definitely keeping them all safe! Plus designs are perfect, very classy/elegant yet simple, very pleasing to eyes. Nice!

Totally on the go

I used to travel a lot and venture different cities. This is the kind of bottle I will definitely bring with me wherever I go. Totally worth it! Excellent quality and loved this design which brings me closer to nature!

Elemental Bottles
David Alexanders
Finally found the perfect bottle for me!

I have found the bottle that will suit my personality and at the same time has amazing features that will make my life easier. The handle, texture, durability. Everything is perfect! Waiting for more designs to come, will definitely purchase again!

Elemental Bottles
Jhea Angelica
Amazing Gift Water Bottle!!

I have been looking all over for the best gift for my best friends. These water bottles are just perfect! I'm thinking of getting 2 more as gifts for my parents. Relly amazing Bottles.

Amazing rocks glass

It does its job: keep the cocktail ice cold without melting the ice. Love it! I enjoy my old fashion at home way more than going out now thanks to this tumbler.
It also looks great and doesn’t break… I dropped it once and it barely had a dent. This is definitely my favorite tumbler to use even for coffee and other drinks.

My new travel buddy!

I've been travelling for 18 years and I decided this is my new travel buddy!