1. Does the bottle come with a cap or do I need to purchase the cap separately?

Yes, the bottle comes standard with the bamboo cap. But you can choose any other cap to replace the bamboo cap at no extra charge. We have 4 cap types: bamboo, stainless steel, white sport cap, black sport cap. Bamboo is our most popular.

2. Can the stainless steel cap be engraved?

No, only the bamboo cap can be engraved.

3. What is the minimum number of bottles I can order wholesale?

Minimum order is 12 bottles. You can choose 3 different colors per 12 bottles.

4. I don’t understand your pricing; can you help me?

Of course! Blank bottles are $13.50 a piece. Engraved bottles start at $17.50 apiece and the price decreases with the more you order. The breakdown is $13.50 (blank bottle) + $4.00 (one-side engraving fee) = $17.50 per engraved bottle. But the more you order, the further the engraving price decreases!

5. Why do I have to pay a set-up fee?

The set-up fee is to prepare your logo file and machine for engraving on the bottle and/or bamboo caps. If both bottle and cap engraving are needed the set-up fee is doubled. It’s a one-time fee, so when you re-order bottles with bottle or cap engraving, you will not have to pay that fee again as long as your logo stays the same.

The set-up fee for printing is to prepare the inks and pads or screens that will be used to print. This fee must be paid every time as these set-ups cannot be saved from job to job.

6. Does it cost extra to engrave on the cap?

Yes, the cap engraving starts at $3.00 per cap and decreases with the more cap engravings you order.

7. How long will it take to get my engraved bottles?

When the order is processed, the bottles will go into production, which will take 1-2 weeks.

9. Do you print on bottles?

Yes we do. The pricing is the same as engraving, except each color will have a separate set-up fee. We can print up to 4 colors and the minimum order for printing is 72 bottles.

10.What is your sample policy?

We charge $15 per blank sample, and $25 for a custom engraved sample.


For more information, please contact the team at 657-777-4179 or email us at wholesale@elementalbottles.com