16 Travel Hacks You Haven’t Thought of

The airport terminal might be your home away from home. Or maybe you’re a travel novice. Whatever your travel experience might be it’s always good to know the latest travel hacks.

To make your travel experience easier this year we compiled our favorite tips. Consider these 16 travel hacks the next time you book a trip.


16 Travel Hacks for 2019

1. Wipe off the air vent

The feeling of fresh air blowing down can feel nice during a flight. But you never know what is sitting on the outside of that little vent. The next time you fly consider bringing alcohol wipes with to wipe off the vent before you turn it on.

2. Wipe off the tray table

While you’re wiping off the air vent, clean off your tray table as well. The trays don’t always get cleaned in between flights and who knows what the last passenger used the tray for.

3. Use seat pockets cautiously

Raise your hand if you’ve ever left anything on a plane. If you have, there’s a good chance you left it in the pocket in front of you. If you can, return everything you’re using to its rightful place within your bag or pocket rather than using the seatback storage.

4. Only use plastic-wrapped pillows and blankets

We might begin to sound like germaphobes, but the last thing you want is to get sick while traveling. Plastic-wrapped pillows and blankets are clean and new. But the ones that are left on a seat or in the overhead bin outside of the plastic wrap have probably been used. Again, you don’t know what it’s been used for.

5. Be polite to check-in staff

We probably shouldn’t have to remind you of this since it’s just the right thing to do, but always be polite to airline staff. You want them on your side if you run into any problems with your flight arrangement.

6. Frequent flyer accounts have notes

Frequent flyer miles are great for earning miles to put toward future flights. But did you know that the airline staff can read your file each time your frequent flyer number is scanned? Your file contains an area for the staff to make notes. This is good if you’re a pleasant traveler who is prone to tipping the staff. However, this might work against you if you’re a rude or difficult passenger.  

7. Sit in the back for better service

The coveted seats toward the front get to exit the plane faster than passengers seated further back. But some flight attendants say that passengers seated towards the rear of the plane get better service. This is due to the proximity to flight attendants.

8. Use a flat iron on clothes

Most hotel rooms come stocked with an ironing board. But depending on your schedule you may not have time to stop at your hotel after arriving. If your shirt is a mess and you’re in a time crunch stop at the airport’s bathroom to use a flat iron for hair to smooth out those wrinkles.

9. Drink water before boarding

Flying on a plane can lead to dehydration. Given the low humidity (as low as 10% on planes), salty snacks, and pressure change, flying can often leave you puffy and dehydrated. Drink a bottle of water before boarding to prevent these effects.

10. Bring your own entertainment

Most planes have screens for your entertainment. But like any technology, there may be times an individual screen isn’t working. Rather than sitting the entire flight without entertainment bring a book as well, or something you can do to be productive during the flight.

11. Beat jet lag

Jet lag can leave even experienced travelers sluggish the first few days of a journey. To make sure you’re able to hit the ground running when you land, switch your phone’s time zone the day before you leave. When you land, get as much sunshine as you can before going indoors. If you have to sleep, take a short nap instead of a full night’s rest.

12. Take a doggie bag to go

If breakfast is included in the cost of your room, ask the hotel for a to-go bag ahead of time. This will keep you from missing breakfast during those early morning flights.

13. Pack spare clothes in your carry-on

Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with young children always pack spare clothes in your carry-on. This will help you stay fresh in case of missing luggage or a food-related mishap.

14. Bring empty water bottles to refill after security

Bring along an empty water bottle to fill up after you’ve gone through airport security for convenience and cost savings.

15. Say "hi" to the people next to you

No, you don’t have to ask for their life story. But this makes the obligatory, “Excuse me, may I crawl over you to go to the bathroom” mid-flight a little less awkward if you’ve already previously had a couple of words of conversation. This is especially important if you’re traveling with small children who are known to be disruptive during flight.

16. Make phone number bracelets

Another travel hack worth considering for parents: Make a phone number bracelet for your child just in case they are separated from you. Just make sure your child will leave the bracelet on their wrist.


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