5 Unique Activities to Try Every Season This Year

A new year brings a great time to try new things and open your mind to new experiences, and each season brings different temperatures, adventures, and opportunities to challenge yourself. We’ve put together a list of 5 things you could try this Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall to make this your best year yet! 

Some of the ideas may not be accessible or available where you live, but that just gives you the chance to explore more local opportunities you maybe haven’t tried before. Check out our ideas below! 


Find a local curling club

You don’t have to be an Olympian to give curling a shot! There are curling clubs in almost all 50 states, and many of them offer recreational leagues. It’s fun, great exercise and super easy to learn. So, do some research and see if there are any curling clubs local to your area! 

Cook a hearty crockpot meal


Not a pro in the kitchen? Meet your new friend - the crockpot! All you have to do is buy the ingredients, combine them and wait for your home to smell amazing. 

From chili and soups to slow-cooked tender meats,  even on the snowiest day, a hearty crockpot meal is guaranteed to warm you up.

Make hot chocolate bombs


A great activity for the family or a solo baking adventure, whipping up some hot chocolate bombs is fun for all! Nothing beats the satisfaction of pouring hot milk over the chocolate sphere and watching all of the mix and marshmallows come exploding out. 

There are countless recipes online and it's a great indoor activity on a cold snowy day.

Hot Yoga


When it's freezing outside, bring yourself inside for a hot yoga session. With many different class options from beginner to advanced, you can always find something that works for you. 

In addition to some of the benefits regular yoga offers such as stress reduction and improved strength, hot yoga helps you burn extra calories, gain increased flexibility, and can up your lung capacity. 

Be sure to always practice hot yoga safely, including drinking plenty of water, starting with easier classes, and leaving the room if the heat gets to be too much.

Ice Skating


Sure, it’s a classic winter staple that you have probably already tried before, but ice skating is a great way to get outside and challenge yourself in the colder season. 

Ice skating is great exercise and once you get the hang of it, it can be quite relaxing. Look for local pop-up rinks or see if there are any indoor rinks in your area.


Explore local gardens and trails


The crisp spring air offers a perfect time to venture out to your local gardens, arboretums, parks, and hiking trails to check out the blossoming flowers and returning greenery. Though there may still be some lingering snow, spring brings a new perspective to start fresh and start challenging yourself with new landscapes and hikes. 

Attend a baseball game


Many baseball leagues across the world start their seasons around April, making spring the perfect season to head out to your closest ballpark for a game. 

Grab a hotdog, popcorn, and your favorite drink and enjoy all of the nostalgia and family fun baseball has to offer!

Bake a fruity pie


Sure, you can bake a pie any season of the year, but spring gives you a delicious spread of fruits to choose from. From apricots and cherries to strawberries and rhubarb, you can really put your pie-baking skills to the test and relish in the new season with every bite. 

Enjoy filtering through the thousands of recipes online until you find the perfect one to bring to your next gathering.

Go bird watching 


Spring is an amazing season to go bird watching because the birds migrate back to the Northern Hemisphere after spending the winter in warmer environments. 

During this time they are gathering in large groups that are easier to see and are frequently singing early in the morning. Grab a bird-watching book and go experience nature and wildlife in a brand new way!

Play a round of disc golf


If you’re looking for a fun date idea or a new way to get some steps in with the family, disc golf is a great outdoor activity, low cost, and super easy to learn. It may take a few rounds to get the hang of it, but once you do, you can easily become addicted. 

Disc golf isn’t super competitive and is a unique way to explore your local parks. Look around online to see if there are any disc parks near you!


Adventure on the water


If you’re looking for an active (yet relaxing) day on the water, kayaking and canoeing are great options! It’s a great way to get some low-impact exercise while exploring the beauty of nature around you. Not to mention, the peaceful scenery gives you ample time to think and reflect. 

Looking for something more social and upbeat? Grab your friends and hook some inner tubes together for a fun day of drinks and river floating.

Jam out at an outdoor concert


Outdoor concerts are a summer staple! So many great artists are on tour, giving you the opportunity to grab your friends and head to your closest amphitheater for an evening of lawn ticket fun. 

Not to mention, summer festivals and events give local artists a great venue for live music. The U.S. offers some super cool outdoor concert venues that would make for a great summer road trip!

Hit the open road


What’s more adventurous than just picking a spot on the map (local or not) and just hopping in the car and driving! Whether you're hitting the road solo or with some friends, nothing beats a new playlist, warm weather, unhealthy car snacks, and some beautiful scenery. Looking for destination ideas? Check out these  8 U.S. National Parks that are definitely worth a visit. 

Go on a hot air balloon ride


Sure, this idea is a little out there, but what better way to try something new than by taking yourself to new heights. 

Airplanes are cool, but flying high in the sky on a larger-than-life hot air balloon is a memory that will last a lifetime. If the thought of going up yourself is a little too much to handle, see if there is a hot air balloon festival in your area or nearby to check out!

Make homemade popsicles


Looking for an indoor activity to make even the hottest summer day cool? Try your hand at making popsicles! 

Hit up the local farmers market for some fresh summer fruits and hit the web to find the best tips and tricks to make your popsicles a success.


Attend a renaissance festival


Huzzah! Renaissance festivals are a great reason to get outside, put on a sweet costume, and enjoy great food and fun! 

Most festivals feature vendors with handcrafted items, a wide variety of delicious food, local beer and cocktails, and so much more. Not to mention you can catch a quick hatchet-throwing or fire-breathing show before making your way to a traditional jousting tournament!

Take a scenic train ride


The leaves are changing and sometimes you just want a relaxing way to take in the beauty. Look no further than the train. There are many rail options all around the country that allow you to hop on and visit nearby cities and communities - all while taking in the beautiful scenery from a window seat.

Bake some apple cider donuts


There’s no shortage of apple cider donuts in the fall, but sometimes it’s more fun to spend the day making them yourself. After a day of pumpkin picking, head home and whip up some spiced donuts (maybe enjoy some spiked cider while you’re at it). A lot of recipes are for baked donuts, so no frying is required!

Make mulled wine
The aroma of mulled wine is destined to make your home smell like fall and the taste is even better! Whether you’re carving pumpkins or making an autumn wreath, whipping up a batch of mulled wine is a relaxing and delightful way to pass the autumn time. 
Have an outdoor movie night


Over the past two years, the at-home movie viewing experience has certainly changed. People had to move activities outside more, so projectors and screens are affordable and easy to come by. 

Invite your friends and family over for a backyard movie marathon. Whether you choose to go with cozy fall movies or scary movies is up to you! Don’t feel like hosting? See what local museums and parks are hosting outdoor movie nights near you.

Always stay hydrated

But no matter what the season or activity, be sure to stay hydrated. Whether you're floating through the sky in hot air balloon or along the river in a kayak, take along our Iconic 32 oz bottle so you don't have to worry about stopping to refill.


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