7 Beach Day Staples You May Have Overlooked

The sun is shining and you’re ready to spend a relaxing day at the beach. But, before you have your fun in the sun, it’s time to get that beach bag packed and ready to go. You want to make sure you have all the essentials. Forgetting one crucial item can end in an epic fail that can really put a damper on your day.

7 Beach day staples

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Check out these seven beach day staples that you can’t leave home without.

1. Sunscreen

With the hustle and bustle of packing your beach bag, you may forget the most obvious essential...sunscreen. Without it, your day at the beach can end in a lobster bake, with you as the main course!

A beach day without sunscreen can be dangerous because of the sun’s harmful rays. When the UV index is at its highest, it takes only 10 minutes or less to burn. Ouch! Be sure to pack your sunscreen to avoid a painful sunburn. Dermatologists recommend sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

When you’re packing your sunscreen, there’s always the cream versus spray debate. For many, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some people swear by the cream, while others will only use the spray.

Then, there are those who use the cream for their face and the spray for the rest of their bodies. It doesn’t matter which group you fall into. The key is not to forget the sunscreen!

2. Can cooler

The last thing you want is to get sunburned. Second to last is for your drink to get warm. 

But don't worry. Elemental has you covered with our Recess series 12 oz can coolers. They come in both standard and slim can design.

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They're made using our TrueBarrier™ insulation technology to make sure your drink remains ice cold and refreshing.

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3. UV protection sunglasses

It’s also important to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. A good pair of UV protection sunglasses will do the trick. Ultraviolet rays can damage your cornea, lens, and other parts of your eye if you’re not careful.

Choosing sunglasses with 100% UV protection will help to protect your eyes. Plus, if you choose wisely, a pair of great sunglasses can also be a fabulous accessory! You can be stylish and protect your eyes at the same time. That sounds like a no-brainer!

4. Insulated cooler with an ice pack

Nothing is refreshing about warm water on a hot day. You can easily avoid this by bringing an insulated cooler with an ice pack. This will keep your drinks cool and any other food you’re bringing along. 

Depending on how much stuff you plan on bringing, you should try to get a cooler that’s lightweight and one you can carry on your shoulder versus one you have to pull through the sand. These can get stuck and become a real nuisance.

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While some beaches have snack stands, this isn’t always the case. You want to be prepared and bring your own food and drinks. It’s not only more convenient this way, but you also save a few bucks. Everyone can get on board with that!

5. Portable beach table

If you’re going to make the effort to bring a cooler for fresh drinks and food, you don’t want to get sand all over them.

Trying to play the balancing game with a drink and sandwich can get annoying. But, so can eating and drinking sand! You can avoid both of these beach day snafus by bringing along a portable beach table. If you choose a good one, it will be sturdy in the sand and will keep your food and drink sand-free.

The really good portable beach tables also have cup holders. These are life-savers because you don’t have to worry about the drinks sliding off the table.

These are usually easy to fold up and come with a drawstring bag. You can just throw the bag over your shoulder and you’re good to go. There’s nothing bulky or clumsy about it. Plus, you’ll be the envy of the beach while everyone else will be playing the balancing game and saying, why didn’t I think of that?

6. Waterproof speaker

Whether you’re sunbathing or building sandcastles with the kids, you’ll want some music to listen to. Sure, you can bring wireless earbuds, but those can get annoying after a while. Plus, if you decide to take a dip, you have to remember to take them out.

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Bringing a wireless waterproof speaker is your best bet. Connect the music from your phone or music streaming service and you’re good to go for the entire day at the beach. Plus, you’re not stuck listening to your beach neighbor’s music! That should be music to your ears.

7. Oversized beach towel or chair clips

If you’re bringing a beach chair and are taking the towel route, don’t skimp out. Go for the oversized beach towel. You’ll thank yourself later.

This will give you more than enough room to lay out without rolling over into the sand. Whether you’ve just applied sunscreen or just come out of the water the last thing you want is to lay down on a sandy towel. Bringing along an oversized beach towel can help you avoid this from happening because you have more room to spread out.

order your can coolers

If you’re bringing a chair, invest in some chair clips. They look like clothespins and are easy to throw in your bag. Clip them onto your chair so that your towel doesn’t fall off. This is an easy solution to avoid sitting on a sand-filled towel or having your towel slip down every five minutes. It’s all about making your beach day as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.


Are you ready for the beach?

As you pack your beach bag, be sure to include these beach day staples. If your beach day is planned, it’s usually smart to pack your bag the night before so that you don’t forget any of these items. This gives you time to check it before you head out.

When it’s an impromptu beach day, try to take your time to pack your bag. While you want to get out to the beach for a good time as quickly as possible, you don’t want to forget any essentials that will make your fabulous beach day flop in no time.  

Having a list stored on your phone is also a good idea whether your day is planned or not. This way you can save it and it can be your go-to every time you’re heading to the beach. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, right

Remember, packing these beach items will let you have fun in the sun all day long. Keep calm and beach on!


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