Drinking Water to Help You Reach Your Health Goals

It’s the beginning of the year and many of us are focused on one thing: beginning and reaching our new year resolutions. And there's a good chance one of your goals is to become healthier in the new year. Whether you’re joining a gym, starting a new diet, or planning to run a marathon, drinking more water is one of the easiest steps you can take to help you reach your health-related goal. 

As we outlined here, there are at least 14 commonly overlooked benefits associated with drinking water. But let’s take a look at 4 ways drinking water can help you reach your health and fitness goals this year.

4 Ways Water Can Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

drinking water helps you be healthier

1. Drinking water helps you shed fat

Drinking water can help your body shed fat in two ways. First, it has been shown to help your body remove fat by-products.

 Secondly, drinking a couple of glasses of water before a meal has been shown to prevent overeating during your meal. In addition to suppressing your appetite, water can also improve your metabolism.  

2. Drinking water provides more energy 

Having an ample amount of energy is needed to accomplish just about any goal. If you’re trying to make it to the gym before work, then you’ll need the motivation to get you there. And once you’re there, you’ll need the energy to sustain your performance. Instead of reaching for an energy drink loaded with unhealthy ingredients, just drink more water. 

Drinking water has been shown to increase brain power and improve energy levels. Our brain is made of 73% water, so it makes sense that drinking it improves focus, concentration, and other cognitive functions. 

Drinking water to help you achieve a healthier life

3. Drinking water boosts your immune system

It’s difficult to reach your goals when you’re under the weather. Being consistent with your workout becomes even more difficult with the flu. Want an easy way to keep the cold and flu away? Just drink more water!

Drinking water helps boost your immune system. Water carries oxygen to your body cells, to help improve bodily functions. It also flushes toxins from your body, so drinking it can help your body remove toxins that can impair your immune system.

drink water to reach your health goals

4. Drinking water improves your mood 

Countless studies have proven the strong connection that exists between the body and the mind. As a result, we know that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. And likewise, the reverse is true. When your body feels great, you’re more likely to feel better about yourself. Chances are this positive outlook will translate into a good mood!


One simple way to ensure you drink more water each day is to grab a reusable water bottle. This way you can bring it with you wherever you go. It also allows you to track your water consumption. But make sure you get the right one. Unfortunately, not all reusable water bottles are created equal.

Grab an Elemental water bottle today to make sure your bottle is safe and helps you achieve a healthier life this year!


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