Live Elemental

You could say the story of how Elemental came to be is unique. Seth and I became friends while working as mechanical engineers in southern California.

We shared a desire to live a disruptive life, to do something more than clocking in and clocking back out. Seth had already started a couple of entrepreneurial projects in the past. In addition to his technical skill, he provided plenty of experience as we began working together.

But no matter how much prior experience you might have on your team, starting a new company requires determination.

It was the support of our family that provided the confidence to start out on our own. We both come from enterprising parents who instilled the value of hard work and family from a young age.

When we began, we looked back to what had brought us to that point. It was the people: the family, the friends, colleagues, and coaches who had got us there.

And because of that, people have always been the center of our priorities. As we say, we're about the people drinking the water, not just the container holding it.

And now that we're expanding our product line, that philosophy continues. 

Live Elemental 

Seth and Vinh, founders of Elemental

Anyone can make a product. But being responsible while doing it requires more. It takes an elevated level of commitment to create a product that sustains our environment and improves the life of the consumer.

"Live Elemental" has become our slogan. It's a philosophy we follow and a commitment we've made.

The concept behind this slogan is simple, but not necessarily easy. It's a commitment to improving the lives of everyone on the planet by taking care of it. That affects every decision we make and every product we create.

Live Elemental is our commitment to you.

Early Days of Elemental

Elemental started as a maker studio under a different name before we transitioned into a product-based brand. We discovered a need for responsibly made products while working with our customers and researching the products we were using.

It seems overly simple.

But there was a lack of products we could provide in our studio with a clear conscience. 

Water Bottles

Hydration is important. In fact, it's essential for life. 

We had become pretty comfortable with custom engraving in our maker studio. And drinkware was one of the number one things to be custom engraved. 

Naturally, we combined these two thoughts and decided to launch our line of water bottles. Soon after, we began researching manufacturers who aligned with our philosophy.

After plenty of research, lots of travel, and several face-to-face meetings, we partnered with someone who followed a similar philosophy.

The journey has provided plenty of bumps along the way. But we appreciate every experience because we know that what we're doing makes a difference. And as we grow, so will our influence!

Elemental Founders

Seth and Vinh laughing together

Now that you know about our company, let me provide a little background on Seth and myself, the two founders of Elemental.

Seth Inyang

pronounced EE-yang

Growing up in the heart of America provided Seth with a unique perspective on life. Seth's mom is the definition of Midwest hospitality. It taught him that it’s more than what you say, it’s what you do for others that matters.

Seth grew up believing everyone wants to do the right thing, but too many people just sit around and talk about it. 

He developed an eye for design at an early age. During college, he even started an apparel line with a friend. Then after college, he chose a more technical path as an engineer.

Vinh Lieu 

pronounced L-OO

Growing up in the countryside of Vietnam I was taught to respect the world around me. But like many impoverished areas of the world, people were unable to care for the environment.

Neighboring communities collected their trash in piles to burn rather than recycle. But I was exposed to a new world when I came to the US in 2015. It was the first time seeing a beach that wasn’t lined with plastic.

Now, my goal is that our products are functional, long-lasting, and always adding value to your life. I find joy in knowing we are making a difference in the world. 


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