Our 2018 Summer Staples – All the Things We're Obsessed With This Summer

Your 2018 Summer Staples

Spring has sprung not long ago,

The sun is shining to let us know,

Summer's no longer out of reach.

It’s here, let’s all go to the beach!

There’s just something about summer...the warm sun, crowded beaches, nights around a campfire. It’s the stuff that unforgettable memories are made of.

To further illuminate your summer state of mind, we wanted to share a few of our favorite products – the things we’re obsessing over right now. So, we went around the office and compiled a list of our summer staples for 2018. From swimsuits to disposable charcoal grills (yes, you read that right), here's a list of the things you can't live without this summer!



Albion swimwear


Lay at the beach with confidence: Albion

Albion swimsuit designs feature some of the most fun patterns you’ll find at the beach. And these swimsuits are designed by women. So, if you're a female, it doesn't matter what stage of life you’re in, they have a style to fit you.

They also have styles for children and men as well, so the entire family can look great at the beach together this summer. But the best part about Albion is their commitment to the community and the environment. Albion is a family owned company that is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Indosoles sandals


Footwear for sandy destinations: Indosole Sandals

Indosole, the self-declared “soles with souls”. If you spend any time with a pair of Indosoles you’ll understand why. Indosole is a B Corp tackling the ever-expanding worldwide epidemic of rubber tire accumulation.

They collect tires headed for the landfill and turn them into durable, practical footwear. Not only is their footwear reasonably priced, but with each purchase, you are preventing pollution.

Veja shoes


Walk in style: Veja Shoes

Veja’s Wata White Pierre are our new favorite summer classic! This timeless unisex sneaker is perfect for just about every summer occasion.

Since 2005, Veja has been producing environmentally friendly shoes. Their production process is just as kind to the laborers as it is to the environment. Their footwear is made with raw materials sourced from organic farmers and is free from any harmful chemicals.



3-Ingredient Cocktails

Stay refreshed: 3-Ingredient Cocktails: An Opinionated Guide to the Most Enduring Drinks in the Cocktail Canon

Do you fancy yourself a mixologist? No? Good, because we don’t either. But that’s why we love 3-Ingredient Cocktails: An Opinionated Guide to the Most Enduring Drinks in the Cocktail Canon. Written by journalist and historian, Robert Simonson, this cocktail recipe book was a 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Awards finalist for the "Beverage" category.

3-Ingredient Cocktails is a collection of 75 classic cocktails that share one thing in common: they only have three ingredients.


Curb your hunger: CasusGrill

Great company, refreshing drinks, and your favorite meal hot off the grill – it’s the perfect combination for an unforgettable summer afternoon. But what happens when there’s no grill?

With the CasusGrill you can go get your favorite meats (or veggie burgers) and eat em’ too! The CasusGrill is a single use eco-friendly, biodegradable grill you can carry wherever you go. And with a price of only $13.00, you can afford to keep a couple on hand.



WP Standard Cargo Tote

Carry your beach gear: WP Standard Cargo Tote with pockets

Timeless reliability is an accurate description of WP Standard's products. Each of their products show a commitment to their craftsmanship. It’s not only seen in their products, it’s also noted in their promise. As founder, Ryan Barr simply states, “If it breaks, we'll fix it.”

The WP Standard Cargo Tote with pockets provides the right amount of style and function to accommodate your active summer lifestyle. Each of their totes is made with full grain, vegetable tanned leather. That means, just like your summer tan, this bag will only look better with each trip to the beach.

Instax Square Camera

Capture those unforgettable memories: Instax Square SQ6 Camera

Social media is great for chronicling your diet throughout the year or that awkward first date last week. But what’s the best way to commemorate those once in a lifetime moments this summer?

It may not be as practical as your phone’s camera, but the square format of Instax Square Camera provides a fun way to capture the memories of summer. The camera’s features are simple, but it comes with auto exposure control and 3 color filters.

Elemental Teal Water Bottle

Stay hydrated: Elemental Bottles

We wouldn’t be a water bottle company if we didn’t remind you of the importance of staying hydrated this summer. It’s essential every day of the year, but during the summer months, you’re even more susceptible to dehydration due to warmer weather and increased activity.

We have a shade of color for every personality. So, choose your color and grab an Elemental bottle today to stay hydrated this summer.

With each of these summer staples may your summer be satisfying, refreshing, and full of laughs and great memories!


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