Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Brushes

You're familiar with eco-friendly water bottles. But, did you know that you can choose products to clean your water bottle that are also good for the environment? After all, if you’re using an eco-friendly water bottle it only makes sense to stay on the environmental train and follow it through, right? 

With that said, eco-friendly water bottle brushes are the way to go when you want to give your water bottle the bath it deserves. Simply rinsing it out isn’t going to do the trick. Compare it to just stepping in the shower and rinsing off without any soap or washcloth. It’s not very effective and neither is cleaning your water bottle without a brush.

Why you need a brush to clean your water bottle

Simply put, you need to clean your water bottle daily because gunk can start forming on the bottom, especially if you’re putting other liquids in it besides water. When you rinse it out, the liquid may be coming out, but it’s not getting clean. 

You want to use a long brush with some soap and water and really scrub down in there. Pay extra attention to the spot where your mouth touches the lid and the outside of the bottle.

Give those areas an extra scrub too. If your water bottle is one of those handy dandy ones that also have a straw, you have to show it some love too with a special straw brush that can clean inside there.

Once you have it all clean, just let it dry overnight and you’ll be ready to go in the morning.

Eco-friendly water bottle brushes to check out

If you’ve never bought an eco-friendly water bottle brush before or have one that’s just not getting the job done, here are a few to put on your list that you’ll want to check out.

ThreeMain Bottle Scrub Brush

This bottle scrub brush from ThreeMain is made from dried coconut husks. The bristles have a medium stiffness so they won’t scratch your bottle.

This brush is a good investment because it can last for two years, depending on how much scrubbing you do and if you’re taking care of it properly. It has a long handle so you can get down and dirty at the bottom of your bottle.

PackageFree Sustainable Bottle Cleaning Brush

PackageFree also makes an eco-friendly bottle cleaning brush. This one is made from coconut fibers and sustainable beech wood.

This one is also nice and long so you can get in all of the little spaces where gunk may be trying to hide.

They also make one of those handy straw brushes we were talking about. It’s long too so it should reach down to the bottom of the straw to get it nice and clean.

When you use the two brushes together you can feel like you’ve done a thorough job getting into all of the nooks and crannies.

EcoCoconut Multipurpose Bottle Brush

Here’s another one to put on your list. EcoCoconut has a good eco-friendly bottle brush with its product made from sustainably farmed coconut husks and with wood from certified recycled rubber trees grown in a plantation.

Of course, there are no toxins or chemicals used. You can really feel like you’re helping out the planet while you’re scrubbing your bottle nice and clean.

Once again, we’ll take the long handle for the win so that you can scrub down to the bottom of the bottle with this brush.  

The bottom line

A great thing with any eco-friendly water bottle brush you choose is that you can use it to also clean baby bottles or other types of bottles where a simple sponge won’t do the trick.

They’re all on the inexpensive side, so you won’t break the bank. Plus, you’re not only doing your part for the environment, but you’re also keeping nasty bacteria and germs at bay by cleaning your bottle regularly. Sounds like a win-win all-around!!


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