Painting the World in Love

LOVE: a word so easily rolled from the tongue, but an action the world struggles to perform. 

We move through our day surrounded by negativity, anger, hate – a world often lacking the one thing we all need: love!Ruben Rojas holding Elemental Tumbler

On the way to work billboards reminding us we need to buy something to be special cover the horizon. At home television commercials make us believe we need to lose 50 pounds to be loved. And no matter where we go social media reminds us we’re inadequate.

Our lives are filled with unpleasant interruptions.

Painting the World in Love

Making use of the urban canvas, Ruben Rojas is changing the narrative of constant negativity one wall at a time. Rather than the unpleasant interruptions that fill our day, he creates beautiful murals that provide “pleasant interruptions to your day.”

Ruben is an artist and co-founder of Beautify Earth. His artwork is displayed on the cityscapes of Paris, New York, Santa Monica, and New Orleans. He’s also worked with companies such as GT's Kombucha, American Express, Heineken, Lulu, and Reebok to promote his message of Love.

Ruben holding Tumbler

As he pointed out in his TEDx Talk, the simple activity of commuting to work can lead to anxiety. Not because of the traffic we must wade through, but because of the messages that surround us.

Love Elemental Tumbler

Instead of thinking you’re too fat, you’re too ugly, or that you need to buy a new car to be special, watch television to escape your reality, his artwork dares you to dream, challenges a new possibility, and it reminds you that you’re loved.

Beautify Earth

In addition to his personal work, Ruben is actively involved in the Los Angeles based non-profit, Beautify Earth. Beautify Earth began as an initiative on Santa Monica’s Lincoln Boulevard. It’s grown into an international movement with a clear mission: ending the blight of neglected walls and fixtures through community activism and artist empowerment.

Ruben Rojas with a mural

Beautify Earth “promotes social responsibility, instills community pride, and builds up neglected, as well as established communities” through beautiful murals.

LOVE Tumbler Collaboration

We've teamed up with Ruben to create a limited edition LOVE tumbler. We're donating $2.00 of every LOVE tumbler sold to Beautify Earth.

Order your limited edition LOVE tumbler today!

To learn more about Beautify Earth and how you can help beautify the world around you, visit

You can also learn more about Ruben and his artwork by visiting his website or interacting with him on Instagram or Twitter.


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