This Fidget Toy Water Bottle is Perfect For Kids

Getting kids to trade in the juice box or sugary drink for a bottle of water can be a challenge. That’s why we created a water bottle that was designed to keep up with the active lives (and minds) of kids while helping them drink more water –- the 14 oz. Pop Bottle.

What makes this bottle unique and kid-approved?

It features a fidget toy handle with raised bubbles that make a “popping” sound when pushed. It will be offered in 17+ fun colors and patterns to match any personality or sports team and can be reused and cleaned as many times as you need. It also features an anti-microbial tip, a reinforced handle with pins, and a lid  designed to be spun 180 degrees, allowing both right and left-handed kids the ability to fit into the strap and open the lid with their thumb.

Plus, these bottles are part of the Iconic Bottle family and can keep drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours, so even after a day of sitting out in the sun, every sip will be nice and refreshing. You can even infuse their water with fruity flavors by adding things like berries, lemons and limes.

Not to mention, the Pop Bottle will also be a hit on the playground or at school. The removable strap makes it easy to hook onto a backpack or sports bag, so it can go anywhere they go without getting lost.

Why is a water bottle like this important?

For starters, it promotes hydration for kids in a fun, unique way sure to encourage any kid to stay hydrated! The Pop Bubble strap helps them stay busy and distracted while also staying hydrated. It can help relieve anxieties or stressors that they may be feeling and offers a safe space to take a few moments to themselves if they are feeling overwhelmed.

The importance of hydration.

By combining a water bottle with a fidget toy, the Pop Water bottle is a sure-fire way to ensure your kid is drinking more water, which is especially important in the warmer months when they are out of school and outside at camps, playing sports, or adventuring with friends and family. The more active kids are, the more easily they can become dehydrated, losing water through breathing, sweating, digestion and more.

The amount of water a child or teen needs can depend on factors such as age, weight and gender. As a general rule, to get enough water, children should drink 8 oz. cups of water equal to their age.*

At 14 oz, the Pop Water Bottle is a great choice for ensuring your child is hitting their daily intake needs and is the perfect size for smaller hands and features a flip-open sports lid (that can also come with straw) for easy and spill-proof drinking.

Click here to order one (or two) for your child today!!

*Children’s Health of Orange County, “How Much Water Should Kids Drink?”


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