Water Bottle Lid With an Internal Strainer

You know the expression "what's in a name." It carries the idea that your name can never fully capture the full meaning of who you are. And the same goes for the lid of our new 20oz water bottle.
It might be a lid, but it does much more than that. But it's a lid... "Isn't it just there to keep the contents from spilling out?" you might ask.

Well, you'd only be partially right. The lid for our new 20 oz water bottle does that and more.

Water bottle lid with an internal strainer and more 

We want to explain the five features of our 20 oz water bottle lid.

1. Iconic bamboo lid

iconic bamboo lid

The first feature is just for show. But we think you'll agree that the iconic bamboo lid Elemental is known for looks pretty great on our new 20 oz water bottle. Plus, it provides you with another way to customize your bottle (customization details still to come). 

2. Internal strainer

water bottle with an internal strainer

The internal strainer is easily one of our favorite design elements of this bottle. When we set out to design this new bottle we considered every detail. The steel internal strainer keeps your ice and fruit (i.e. lemons, limes, etc.) from hitting your mouth while drinking. It's also made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel so it won't affect the flavor of your beverage or leach any harmful chemicals.

3. Wide opening

wide opening

Ever tried drinking from a bottle with a small opening? Or how about trying to jam ice into it? And lemons... forget about it!

And that's why we made the opening (and lid) a little wider. The opening of our 20 oz water bottle is nearly 2.5 inches wide. Perfect for drinking and it makes your life a whole lot easier when adding ice of any size!

4. Internal rubber ring

internal rubber ring

This might sound trivial, but the rubber ring we used ensures your lid remains secured in place after you've twisted it closed. It also provides a quieter closing experience.

5. Branded lid and strainer

branded lid

Again, this is just an aesthetic detail. But we believe the details are what make a product more than just another object.

Water Bottle Lid With an Internal Strainer

elemental new water bottle colors


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