What Makes a Water Bottle Eco Friendly?

Humans certainly aren’t doing the earth any favors with all the pollution and waste that we produce. Thankfully, many of us are recognizing the need for a positive change in our lifestyle to help reduce this damaging effect on our planet home.

One of the ways we can take care of the ecosystem is being more aware of the products we use and the containers we keep them in.

Water is one of those products (if you can call it that) we buy that indirectly creates a lot of pollution and waste due to the containers it comes in: the dreaded plastic bottle.

These nasty little things wreak so much havoc on our environment that those who care about the future of our planet are boycotting their existence and choose to buy an eco-friendly water bottle instead.

Pros of going eco-friendly

an eco-friendly water bottle

Just how much impact do disposable water bottles have on the environment, you ask? Well just consider a few facts about disposable water bottles:

- More than 2 million tons of water bottles end up in American landfills every year.
1.1 million sea creatures are killed by plastic pollution spilling into the ocean each year.
Only 1/10th of the price you are paying for a bottle of water actually pays for the water, the rest pays for the bottle.
Most reusable water bottles are made with PET plastic, which is BPA free, but still poses many of the same threats to your health as BPA.
17 million barrels of oil are used every year in the production of bottled water.
Bottled water is tested for only a quarter of the microbes and pollutants that tap water is tested for.
The price of drinking the daily recommended intake of water by drinking tap water is about 50 cents. Compare that to the cost of bottled water at $1800. Ouch!

    By using reusable water bottles to carry your H2O with you, you can reduce the amount of plastic in landfills, reduce the oil usage, cut down on harmful chemicals in the environment, protect marine life, and save tons of money!

    I believe we’ve more than proven the efficiency and logic of using a reusable water bottle. Now let’s discuss what makes for the best eco-friendly water bottle.

    What to look for in an eco-friendly water bottle?

    When it comes to reusable water bottles you have a choice of three different materials: plastic, glass, and steel. How do you know which is the best to choose?

    Each material has its pros and cons. Let’s discuss them.


    Plastic water bottles are definitely the most convenient but are they really eco-friendly?

    You can take them everywhere, throw them in a bag, in the back seat, stash them in your drawer, and not worry about them breaking. They usually have an easy screw-on lid with a flip-top or pull top.

    You can fill them with whatever liquid you choose and then pop them in the freezer for a long-lasting cold drink for the rest of the next day. Plastic reusable water bottles are generally cheap, some costing little more than a dollar.

    With all that being said, plastic reusable bottles can still contain many of the harmful chemicals like BPA and PET and can infect the taste of your water with a plastic taste. Also, plastic bottles are manufactured using resources that are not reusable so you can’t recycle them and they end up in the landfills and take much longer to decompose than the disposable ones. This defeats the whole purpose of using a reusable water bottle.


    Glass bottles are an eco-friendlier choice than plastic but they also come with some marked downfalls.

    Glass water bottles deliver a pure taste when you drink water from it. Glass contains no harmful chemicals and poses no health risks. You can see what is in the bottle, giving you peace of mind when taking a swig.

    Glass water bottles aren’t the most convenient, however, as they are not insulated so they can’t maintain temperature for the contents for long. They are also very fragile, being as how they are made of glass and they are heavy and expensive.


    Stainless steel water bottles are the most logical choice if you really want to buy an eco-friendly water bottle even though they have their setbacks.

    Stainless steel water bottles might give your water a slight metallic taste but nothing too overwhelming. They can be expensive but they last so much longer than plastic or glass water bottles.

    Steel water bottles contain no harmful chemicals and are generally well insulated to keep your drinks cool or hot for hours. They are resistant to corrosion and are sterile so your chances of drinking mold or bacteria from a steel bottle are very slim. Steel bottles can be thrown around like the plastic bottles without worrying about them breaking.

    Stainless steel bottles are fully recyclable, just be sure that you are choosing one that contains no aluminum.

    Stainless steel water bottles are king

    After looking over the previously mentioned facts, you may conclude that stainless steel reusable water bottles are the obvious choice and we wholeheartedly agree but let’s expound on that fact a bit more.

    The main benefits of stainless steel water bottles are:

    -  They are fully recyclable.
    -  They are extremely durable and can last through years of use.
    -  They are well insulated to maintain the right temperature even in extreme climates.
    -  They are sterile so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew.
    -  They won’t keep the flavor of the drinks you held in them.
    -  You can save thousands by simply filling them with tap water.
    -  They can be washed in the dishwasher for easier cleanup and sterilization.

      Grab a stainless steel water bottle to protect our eco-system

      If your desire is to make a dent in the pollution caused by bottled water consumption, then buying a reusable water bottle is an easy place to start.

      As we discussed, even the choice of which reusable water bottle can have an effect on the environment. Stainless steel water bottles are the most sustainable and eco-friendly bottles you can buy, and they come with a list of benefits.

      Stainless steel water bottles don’t have to be boring and ugly. In fact, at Elemental, we like to say our bottles allow you to hydrate in style! Our design and color options even turn it into the most functional accessory you'll carry. 

      It may be more convenient to simply grab a bottle of water from the store and be done with it, but when you think about how much damage you're doing to your planet with this one simple habit that is actually costing you money, it doesn’t seem logical to continue in this path.

      Save yourself money, cut out harmful toxins and chemicals from your water, keep your liquids at the right temperature, and make a proactive effort to help save the planet. Grab an Elemental stainless steel water bottle today!



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