7 Things to Do in Nature to Improve Your Wellbeing

Whether now or in the future, you'll probably set a health improvement goal of some kind. However, it can be easier said than done.

That said, we suggest you do things you enjoy. And activities that allow you to be in nature are a great way to improve your health. Doing so ensures that it will not be difficult to motivate you to go out and exercise.

After all, nature is always uplifting and a mood-booster So, surrounding yourself in more nature is always a good thing.

If you do not know what exactly to do while you are out and about, here are seven physical activities that you can do in nature to improve your wellbeing.


Hiking is one of the many physical activities that require you to be in the great outdoors. Not only will getting into hiking get your body moving, but it also allows you to see sights you otherwise wouldn't have been able to see at all.

Besides that, anyone can do it, as long as you stick to the hiking trails that fit your proficiency level in hiking.

hiking in nature

If you're new to hiking, some trails are beginner-friendly. Nonetheless, it would be best to get yourself the essential hiking gear such as hiking poles and boots.

You can't improve your well-being if you don't do basic safety practices, so remember to keep safe while you're hiking.


Another activity that you can do in nature that won't be as hard on the knees and joints as hiking would be cycling.

You can go cycling by yourself out in nature or do it in a park with your friends and family. It's an enjoyable time either way.

It will help you exercise while also helping you save money because you won't have to spend money on gas. Again, since you're not creating any dangerous emissions, you're also using an eco-friendly transportation method.

There's nothing quite like the wind in your hair as you bike through nature, so try it out some time. But don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated while cycling.


You don't need to do physical activities out in nature to improve your overall well-being. Sometimes, basking in it will be enough for you.

While you're breathing in the fresh air, you might want to get into a bit of journal writing. Journal writing is therapeutic because it lets you express yourself with no worries. It allows you to look back on your day and take a moment to enjoy what happened.

reading in nature

If you've written quite a lot already, you can also sit surrounded by nature, read a few of your older passages, and look back on your experiences.

Walking your pet

Many people find that walking their dogs doesn't only help the dogs enjoy themselves. It also helps people get some time outdoors that they wouldn't have otherwise.

Sometimes, people can go days without going out without them knowing. Having a furry companion around you can help remind and motivate you to go outside.

Your dog or pet doesn't have to be the only one enjoying the great outdoors. You can enjoy it too. It helps that you have a pleasant companion with you.

Gardening and horticulture

You don't have to go too far from your home to say that you enjoyed some time in the outdoors under the sun. If you have a green thumb or wish that you do, you can try out gardening and horticulture right in your home.

Watching something that started as small as a seed bloom into a beautiful and fascinating plant is very satisfying. If you plant yourself a vegetable garden, you might also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor quite literally.

Not only will gardening help you spend some time outside, but it will also help your body move around.

Interacting with wildlife

It doesn't mean you should go chasing around local fauna in your area by interacting with wildlife. You don't have to go to the zoo either to interact and enjoy the presence of nature.

You can bask in the presence of local birds flying overhead or squirrels moving in your garden and observe their actions.

It's like people watching, except with animals. That way, you get enjoyment from their presence without disturbing them.

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Forest bathing

Sometimes, you don't even have to do anything to enjoy nature and improve your well-being at the same time. There's a Japanese term that roughly translates to forest bathing, which is based on basking and taking in the forest's atmosphere.

If you live somewhere near a forest, you might want to try forest bathing. Forests seem like a magical world, with a bustling ecosystem.

Merely basking in it can help relax your breathing, improve your mood, and clear your head.

Conclusion: get outside, enjoy the outdoors, and improve your health

Your health goals don’t always have to center around a gym. Nature itself can be an excellent setting for your wellness journey. With these seven activities, you can enjoy nature and improve your well-being.

Try to dedicate time to enjoy nature as much as possible. You'll surely enjoy how good it feels to be around nature. So make it a more regular part of your life.


This post was guest-written by Jean Deruiter. Jean is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys writing about outdoor recreation and traveling.


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