7 Summer Glamping Must-Haves

It’s been a long winter. We’re all more than ready to shake off some dust and get back to our favorite summer activities as the weather warms and our spirits lift. For many, one of the most exciting prospects of a more normal summer is the return to our beautiful National Parks and so many other beautiful places that have been largely closed to the public. That means camping is coming back for summer 2021!

7 Must-Have For Your Summer Glamping 

20 oz water bottle connected to backpack

These days, camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it. You can have, not only the comforts of home but luxuries in the outdoors. That’s the beauty of glamping. Glamorous camping. 

Safari Tent

Depending on your budget and your needs, there’s a glamping tent for you.

Many companies out there make affordable, spacious canvas wall tents that can sleep anywhere from 2 to 10 people. Many of them come with a fireproof mat and chimney hole for a stove. Imagine a cozy fire at the end of a great night. And imagine even being able to stand in your tent! Forgot the rolling around and crouching in your pop-up lean-to while you try to put on a pair of jeans.

Wall tents are simple in design and offer endless amenities and possibilities to enhance your camping experience. They can be packed into suitcase-sized carriers for easy transport. With a safari tent, you’ll feel like you have your own little cabin in the wilderness with a million-dollar view. 

Solar Generator

Solar generators like the Jackery are far better for the environment, more convenient, more compact, and are often more versatile for your technological needs.

They can be carried like a small suitcase and have multiple outlets and plug-ins. You can plug in a tv, charge your phone, your speakers, you name it. All in this little box that hardly takes up any space.

Solar generators pack a punch when it comes to providing power to your campsite. Some can run a mini fridge for up to 21 hours.

Plus, these generators are an investment. They’ll come in handy millions of times while you’re camping and when you’re back at home and a summer thunderstorm snaps off the power, you’re all set with your handy solar generator. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable bottle to keep your water cold

If you're going to do any form of camping, you need a reusable water bottle. But you don't want to bring just any bottle with you, especially when it comes to glamping.

Glamping is all about experiencing the outdoors with the convenience and luxury of your day-to-day standards. And that's why you need to bring Elemental's 20 oz stainless steel water bottle. It's BPA free and made with double-wall insulation so it's sure to keep your water icy cold up to 24 hours or your morning coffee hot up to 12 hours.

Plus, it also has a spill resistant bottom to help keep your glampsite clean and an adjustable silicone strap to save room when you go for a hike.

Camping Sink

Stay hydrated when you go hiking

Forget the facial wipes and pouring your water bottle over your face instead of washing it. Camping sinks are your new best friend.

Easily wash your dishes, clothes, and face in the wilderness. These little sinks will make you feel like you’re right at home.

Part of glamping means you don’t have to feel like everything needs a bath when you get back to reality. You can get one simple that resembles a bucket with a faucet or go big with a full table two basin sink, complete with a pump and a drain. These things will save your camping experience.  

Battery Powered Twinkle Lights

Must-have doesn’t have to mean necessity. Give your campsite some twinkly magic with some string lights around the perimeter or decorating your tent.

Cozy lighting goes a long way. Save the solar for the important stuff and stick to batteries for these lights. String lights running on solar tend to be pretty unreliable. Batteries will last throughout your camping trip and you’ll never have to fuss with them. Simple, easy, and beautiful!

Solar Shower

Solar showers! Who knew?

The design is so simple. You hang the shower from a tree, holding a couple gallons of water (some hold up to five gallons!).

Let the sun do its job. After a couple hours soaking in the rays, the shower bag will be nice and warm.

Open the nozzle and enjoy an outdoor shower! It’s tough to believe it can be that easy to stay clean on a camping trip.

You can even invest in a cute curtain, a popup privacy stall, or even a custom nozzle. Solar showers are super affordable so you can get elaborate with your specifications. For instance, you can buy pumps that run on batteries or USB charge to get the perfect water pressure.

It’s hard to believe such luxuries can be so portable and simple. You won’t regret packing one of these when you get back from a long hike!

Luxury Camping Stove

Cooking over the open fire is great but sometimes convenience is key. Investing in a camping stove is a great idea. That way you can still get creative out there in nature and plan incredible meals. Like a camping sink, your options are endless.

You can choose to go for simple, affordable, powerful, you name it. Almost all camping stoves run on propane but if that’s not for you, you’ve got a couple options. If you brought your solar generator along, you can opt for an electric stove and simply plug in! Does it get any more convenient? Another option is the BioLite Stove. This company originally set out to bring their solar technology to underprivileged areas around the world but they also offer amazing, compact cooking stoves that run on tiny, powerful fires.

While you cook over the fire, the stove converts excess energy from its burn to power a USB port for your phone and a small, flexible lamp to shed light on your meal!

These little stoves are tiny, powerful, and well worth the investment. One more option is, of course, solar. These unique designs take advantage of daylight with a reflective cylinder that can heat to 550 degrees, cooking your food from all sides in its center compartment. 

Glamping: not roughing it!

Water bottle with slip-resistant bottom

Don’t go without when you go camping this summer. These tools can help you have an incredible experience without feeling like you’re packing your whole house.

The outdoors can be so much more enjoyable when you’re not stressed over the simple things. So do some shopping and get your friends ready for an awesome trip.


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