How to Give the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season: Elemental’s 2017 Gift Guide

You’ve scoured the mall, searched for hours online, and even looked through (most) of the 2017 gift guide. You’ve exhausted your ideas. Now you're left choosing between either a gift card or a monogrammed bathrobe. 

We get it, there’s always that someone on your list that makes it seem like you’re shopping for the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. But when you’re shopping for a hard to impress father-in-law or a colleague who has everything, a gift card just won’t cut it. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry. Elemental’s 2017 Gift Guide will show you how to give the perfect gift this holiday season even if you have the most difficult (or interesting) person to shop for. 

Impeccable style, beautiful design, and practical function, just like the Elemental water bottle, the following gift ideas provide the perfect blend of each. 

So, put the gift card back, and let us show you how to give the perfect gift this holiday season.


Gift idea number 1

Personalized Elemental bottle

Elemental Bottles Engraved Swirls Matte White

Tell that one-of-a-kind, someone, how much they mean to you with the gift of hydration. But you can even go one step further and customize it. 

Maybe you want to remind your boss who’s got his back in 2018. Or maybe you want to let Mom and Dad know how much they mean to you. 

What better way to show you care than the gift of personalized hydration? 

Price: $49.95


Gift idea number 2

Piano Coat Rack


It’s coat season, but that doesn’t mean your couch or guest bed needs to become a coat magnet. But when it comes to traditional coat racks, they’re unfortunately wobbly and always in the way when they’re not in use. 

But the Piano Coat Rack will neither fall over nor get in your way. And the best part is that it looks beautiful even when it’s not in use.  

Price: click here for price


Gift idea number 3

Hard Graft Mid Top Sneakers


Buying someone a pair of shoes requires some forethought, but these limited edition Mid Top Sneakers by Hard Graft are worth it.  

They feature a full grain leather upper and calfskin lining which means they’re not only beautiful, but they feel amazing on your foot.  

Price: $360.00


Gift idea number 4

The PDW Badger knife


“Stout, compact, yet elegant” – with a product description like that you know this beautiful pocketknife can withstand nearly any challenge. 

The PDW Badger pocketknife combines elegant design and classic features. The 4.4 oz Titanium body is light enough to carry comfortably in your pocket but strong enough to handle almost any challenge. 

Price: $439.00


Gift idea number 5

The ’51 Gym Bag


With each new year comes a set of new hopes, goals, and aspirations. Never to be overlooked is the resolution to get back into shape!  

Improving your physique is great, but you can’t neglect your style in the process. Too many businessmen (maybe not the women so much) check their style at the door of the gym. So if your gift receiver is anything like the rest of us, that give-away bag from last year’s sales conference isn’t going to cut it. 

The ’51 Gym Bag by WP Standard affirms you’re a champ before you even step foot in the gym. The ’51 Gym Bag is made of vegetable tanned leather, which means it will only improve with age. 

Price: $310.00


Gift idea number 6

Automatic Pro car GPS


We’ve all been there: you’re running errands with a mile long list of things to accomplish. You park, run into the store, grab everything you need, come back out of the store to move on to the next errand, and…you can’t remember where you parked. You end up walking across the parking lot to find your car wasting precious errand running time in the process. 

If it’s happened to you then it’s sure to have happened to the person you’re shopping for. This holiday season give the gift of time – prevent them from losing their car again. 

Price: $129.95


Gift idea number 7

Sol Smart Light


A voice controlled light? What’s not to love? The C by GE Sol is an Alexa voice-controlled smart light. It’s smart home compatibility, visual timers, and modern design makes it the perfect lighting solution for any room of the house.  

Price: $199.99


Gift idea number 8

Bottle Grinder salt and pepper grinders


Salt and pepper shakers…one has a couple holes and the other has a couple more. Nothing too exciting, right? Well, that was until now. Designed by Norm Architects and sold by Ode to Things, the Bottle Grinder turns a simple condiment holder into a center piece-worthy-design. 

I think you would agree that the Bottle Grinder set is most worthy to grace the table of the Most Interesting Man (or Woman) in the World. 

Price: $140.00


Gift idea number 9

Christian Vizl prints


If I recommended any other fish print you might laugh. Spend any time in Florida and you’ve seen your fair share of underwater photography. But, if your experience of underwater sea life images has been uninspiring, then you haven’t seen Christian Vizl’s photography. 

His stunning black and white prints capture an underwater world rarely experienced. And his sepia, cenotes, and color images possess the same dramatic beauty. Anyone of these prints is sure to become a centerpiece in the room of your recipient. 

Price: $199.00


Gift idea number 10

SKID robinia knife


If your shoes were a measure of your athletic ability, then your knives would be a measure of your culinary skill. Not that we’re saying you have to have amazing knives to be a good chef, but they sure make the job more enjoyable. 

The SKID robinia by Lignum goes one step further. The fine Robinia wood handle combined with the alloyed carbon steel blade creates a beautiful kitchen accessory even when it’s not in use. You can even feel better after you buy knowing that a tree was planted as a result of your purchase. 

Price: Click here for price 


Gift idea number 11

Flyte Light


What would Superman be without the ability to fly? Just another superhero. This is how we feel about all light fixtures after experiencing the Flyte Light. 

With modern technology, light bulbs can dim, change colors, and respond to programming. But never before have they been able to float. Their slogan is, “Set the light bulb free.” And that’s exactly what they’ve done with the levitating Flyte Light.  

Enjoy up to 50,000 hours of mesmerizing, floating light with the Flyte – Edison or Flyte Manhattan Edition. 

Price: click here for pricing 


Gift idea number 12

Hone Type 15 razor


Albert Einstein once said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” There’s a particular beauty that lies within simple design. Simplicity removes the ability to hide behind the distraction of complexity. And that’s exactly what Hone has done with the three-piece construction Type 15 razor. 

The Hone Type 15 is “refinement, not re-invention” as they’ve appropriately explained. The Type 15 was one of only 75 winners of the iF Gold Award in 2016 – a testament to it’s beautiful, simple design. 

Price: click here for price 


Gift idea number 13

Elemental bottle

Elemental Robin's Egg Blue Bottle

Maybe you’re not quite sure what to say to your colleague, your mom, your dad, or girlfriend. The Elemental Stainless Steel Classic Water Bottle says enough. 

The Elemental bottle is the perfect way to keep their coffee or tea hot this winter and their water chilled when summer rolls around. This is one gift you can’t go wrong with. 

Price: $34.95


Happy Holidays from Elemental to you and yours!


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