This is Why Your Coffee Isn’t Staying Hot Long Enough

Frigid temperatures, hazardous driving conditions – even here in southern California, the winter can deliver some difficult conditions. But by far the worst part about winter is returning to a cold cup of coffee (We’re looking at you, cardboard coffee cup!)!


Did you know that the optimal temperature for a hot beverage such as tea, hot chocolate, or coffee is between 160 degrees F (71.1 degrees C) and 185 degrees F (85 degrees C)? At Elemental Bottles, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that your hot beverage never reaches a less than desirable temperature.


Lukewarm liquids are now a thing of the past. From the width of the opening to the airtight lid to the steel double wall vacuum insulation – every feature of this bottle was designed to keep your liquids hot for up to 12 hours. That’s enough time to get you to the mall and back and still be able to sit through your favorite holiday movie with a hot drink in your hand.


Picture this: It’s December 18th, you’ve been battling the winter elements, fighting the holiday traffic, and return to your car after finding mom the perfect red, cable knit sweater (that she’ll undoubtedly love all season long). You turn the car on, crank up the heat, and lift your cup of coffee from the cup holder to expel the wintery chill from your bones. But instead of being greeted by the warmth of a holiday blend, your mouth is cruelly filled with cold, bitter coffee.


“What’s this?” you ask yourself as you muster everything within yourself to keep from spitting it back into the cup. Well, my friend, if you’ve ever found yourself in this unfortunate situation, then you’ve fallen victim to a less than suitable drinking vessel.


We realize you’re an active person. With at least 60% of the body made of water, hydration is vital no matter what the season is. But during the colder months, your liquid often takes on a different responsibility – providing warmth.


Most tumblers and coffee cups boast of their ability to keep your drink hot for several hours, and we agree, that’s pretty good for an average coffee tumbler (and the average length of time that to-go cardboard coffee cup keeps a coffee warm: not long enough). But that’s not going to cut it for a long day of hiking through the Redwoods of Northern California or hitting the slopes of Mammoth Mountain. And even for those of you less inclined to trek across rugged landscapes, you still need a bottle that’ll keep your coffee at the perfect sipping temperature while scouring the Grove this holiday season.


Maybe you enjoy a nice light roast in the morning to get your day started. Or maybe you prefer a hot cup of cocoa by the fire. Either way, there’s just one question to answer: Is your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate ready for the winter?


Click here to grab your Elemental Bottle today and ensure your next sip is the perfect temperature this winter season!




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