Six Things parents should know before taking their kids to Trick-or-Treat

Six Things parents should know before taking their kids to Trick-or-Treat

Halloween is one of the favorite festivals of children. Halloween is celebrated with so much fun and enthusiasm. They have Halloween scary parties, gifts, and also some scary fun. But the rulers of this day are the young children who are going to be showered with candies. Every year, millions of kids donned their costumes and head out into their neighborhoods in hopes of filling their bags with candy. For parents, taking their kids trick-or-treating can be a fun way to bond with their children and create lasting memories but as a parent, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of taking your children out trick-or-treating. So, there are a few things parents should keep in mind before taking their little ones out for a night of trick-or-treating:

1. Plan Ahead

Plan your route in advance. The best way to ensure a safe and fun Halloween is to plan ahead. Decide on a route in advance and make sure to stick to well-lit, familiar neighborhoods. Avoid shortcuts through dark alleys or wooded areas. If possible, trick-or-treat with a group of other parents and their children. If you're not sure where to start, ask your neighbors or other parents in the area for recommendations. This will help you avoid getting lost in unfamiliar territory and will also allow you to map out which houses will be giving out the best candy. You’ll definitely have a hassle-free night!

2. Start Early & Avoid Rush Hour

Another tip for parents is to start early and avoid trick-or-treating during peak hours. Not only will this help you beat the crowds, but it will also ensure that your kids don't get too tired before the night is over. This will also be a safety precautionary measure for you and the kids. Depending on your child's age, if you have little ones you may want to consider heading out around 5 pm or 6 pm so that they can still enjoy themselves while avoiding the midnight rush. If you have older kids who want to stay out longer, just be sure to go home as early as you can. More time to enjoy their candies and treats while having a family movie night!

3. Bring a Flashlight & Wear Reflective Clothing

Trick-or-treating usually takes place after sunset, so it's important to be extra cautious when crossing streets. As dusk starts to settle in, it becomes more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, especially if they're wearing dark clothing. To help keep your kids safe, make sure to bring a flashlight and dress them in reflective clothing or costume gear that will make them more visible to oncoming traffic. You may add glow-in-the-dark materials to their costumes or you may also want to consider carrying a glow stick or two so that you can easily keep track of your little ones in low-lighting conditions.


4. Inspect All Treats

It's tempting for kids to dive right into their candy bags as soon as they get home from trick-or-treating, but resist the urge! Make sure to inspect all treats first. Throw away any candy that's unwrapped or looks like it has been tampered with. Although rare, there have been instances of tampered candy being handed out on Halloween night. Additionally, if your child has any allergies, now is the time to go through their stash and check labels to avoid anything that could potentially cause an allergic reaction and harm them. Always better to be safe than sorry right?

Parents inspecting treat

5. Set Some Ground Rules

Before heading out on Halloween night, sit down with your kids and set some ground rules. Discuss how much candy they're allowed to eat and when they need to be home. If possible, try to set a budget for how much you're willing & able to spend on Halloween candy & costumes beforehand so there are no surprises (and so you don't end up eating half the candy yourself!).

6. Stay Hydrated at ALL times! Bring your Iconic Pop Fidget water bottle

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Halloween is a fun time for kids, but it's important for parents to take part in this once-a-year event to make it more memorable, safe, and enjoyable following these simple tips, you can help ensure a safe and fun Halloween for everyone in your family! So go ahead and enjoy all the spooky festivities this holiday.

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